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Union Pacific to Begin Installing In-Cab Cameras

by Bristol Baxley

Union Pacific announced last week that they would begin installing in-cab cameras. This makes them the second class one railroad after KCS to make this announcement. UP's decision comes roughly one month after a federal judge declined the BLET and UTU's appeal for a 'status quo' injunction to prevent KCS from moving forward with their plans to install in-cab cameras pending arbitration. Find out more about 'Inward Facing Cameras on Locomotives'

Injured Railroad Worker Statements - Everything You Need to Know

by Bristol Baxley

Immediately after a railroad injury, the railroad's legal team quietly sets out to prove that they are not at fault for your injury. The railroad claims agent will often try to take a tape recorded/videotaped statement from the person who was injured (and any witnesses). Many times, the claim agent insists on taping the injured worker’s statement when he is on pain medication. Find out everything you need to know about 'Injured Railroad Worker Statements.'

Railroad Whistleblower Claims - How the FRSA Protects You When You Report an Injury or Safety Hazzard

by Bristol Baxley

For too many years, railroads have used discrimination and threats of undeserved discipline to intimidate injured workers and other workers who report safety concerns. Suppressing accident information by any means, including intimidation & harassment is a federal crime. Our law firm PROUDLY represents injured railroad workers and railroaders who have been unjustly terminated, disciplined, threatened or discriminated against for reporting injuries or other safety concerns. Click here to see the 'How the FRSA Protects You When You Report an Injury or Safety Hazzard'

7 Vital Tips for an Injured Railroad Worker

by Bristol Baxley

Railroad work is still one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Even the safest worker may suffer an injury through no fault of their own. The railroad's legal team includes claim agents, lawyers, managers, company nurses and company doctors. They spring into action immediately following an injury. This highly organized team of experts has one goal: to minimize the financial liability for their company or in other words reduce the value of your claim. Many of them have attended claims seminars specifically to learn this skill. Here are 7 Vital Tips for any railroad worker to help level the playing field in case of injury.

3 Reasons Every Railroader Needs UM/UIM and PIP on their Personal Auto Insurance

by Bristol Baxley

Far too many railroad employees are injured in collisions while at work. Unfortunately, the parties most responsible for these injuries are often underinsured or otherwise unable to pay fully for the damages they cause. Because of this, every railroader should Maximize their Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Protection (UM/UIM) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on their Personal Auto Insurance. Click here to see "Don't Let a Railroad Van Wreck, Wreck Your Life.

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