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Amtrak Derailments


RAB is already very active and involved in the tragic and deadly derailment of Amtrak train 188 which occurred in Philadelphia, PA on May 12, 2015. We are currently representing several seriously injured Amtrak employees and passengers involved in the horrible derailment. We stand by ready to assist any additional injured employees or passengers with free legal consultation and providing legal representation when requested.

Experienced Amtrak Injury Attorneys

Amtrak Sunset Limited Derailment, Hyder Arizona, 1995

When involved in an accident, critical decisions must be made to ensure the best possible results for physical and financial recovery. Rome Arata and Baxley is one of the most experienced railroad law firms in the country. All the class one railroads and Amtrak recognize that we are extremely knowledgeable about the rail industry and know the best way to handle cases against railroads. It is what we do everyday.

If you are an engineer, conductor, on-board service employee or an Amtrak passenger injured in a grade crossing collision or derailment it's important to work with an attorney with extensive experience in these types of cases. Doing so can be a tremendous advantage for your lawsuit and will maximize your recovery of damages. Contact us today for references from satisfied Amtrak injury clients or call us for a free consultation at 866-993-0001.

Amtrak derailments often occur at extremely high speed and can involve astonishing amounts of momentum and mass. Train derailments can be caused by defective tracks, equipment, railroad cars or by a collision or crossing accident. Once a train leaves the tracks, clearly the entire railroad crew and any passengers can be in grave danger and anyone on board the train may suffer severe injuries.

Amtrak Grade Crossing Collisions

Amtrak grade crossing collisions may also occur at extremely high speed. Because of the relative masses and momentum involved, Amtrak employees or passengers are seldom severely injured by the all too common collisions with regular cars and small trucks. However, larger vehicles like 18 wheelers or semis can often create a significant impact for the train crew resulting far too often in injury.

Injured Amtrak On-Board Service Crew

In addition to engine crew, Amtrak derailments and collisions also involve on-board service employees such as conductors, food specialists, car attendants, and service attendants. Amtrak on-board employees are often completely unaware of a pending grade crossing collision or derailment and so don't have any opportunity to brace themselves for impact.

Injured Amtrak Passengers

Amtrak passengers who suffer an injury in a grade crossing collision or derailment may also recover financial damages for their injuries. Like Amtrak on-board employees, Amtrak passengers are often left completely unaware of a pending grade crossing collision or derailment and don't have any opportunity to protect themselves prior to impact.

The attorneys from Rome, Arata and Baxley have fought for the rights of numerous Amtrak employees and passengers injured in high speed derailments and grade crossing collisions across the country including:

Amtrak Grade Crossing Collision and Amtrak Derailment Case Summaries

Settlement for Amtrak On Board Service Worker Injured in Eagle Lake, Texas Grade Crossing Collision.

A 59 year-old Amtrak on board employee suffered a back injury in a grade crossing collision. The train derailment was caused by a tractor-trailer that drove in front of the train. The injury resulted in a back surgery. The trucking company and Amtrak claimed the employee’s injury was not caused by the wreck and that the railroad worker could still hold a job. Mims v. National Railroad Passenger Corporation d/b/a Amtrak et. al. The Railroad worker was represented by Mr. Bristol Baxley of Rome, Arata & Baxley.

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