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Tony W. - Injured Amtrak Employee - Client Testimonial

Bristol Baxley has handled two claims for me and I will not hesitate to hire him again if I suffer another injury working for Amtrak.

My first case happened after the Sunset Limited derailed in Eagle Lake, Texas back in 1999. I suffered a back injury and was out close to a year. I was extremely satisfied with how Mr. Baxley and his staff handled the case and happy with the result.

In 2003 I suffered another injury when we ran over some bad track. I was in the men's room at the time and the jolt threw me back against a baby shower which had become dislodged. Mr. Baxley got right to work and again I was well pleased with the result and professional service I received.

Some of my co-workers have gotten a hold of lawyers who aren't specialist in railroad law. They don't understand that it is a completely different animal, so to speak, and you have to have an attorney that knows all the ins and outs about railroad work. I tell everyone who asks me to hire Rome, Arata and Baxley.

Mr. Tony W.

Los Angeles, California
Amtrak On-Board Service Employee
Amtrak Derailment Case

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