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3 Reasons Every Railroader Needs UM/UIM and PIP on their Personal Auto Insurance

by Bristol Baxley

Far too many railroad employees are injured in collisions while at work. Unfortunately, the parties most responsible for these injuries are often underinsured or otherwise unable to pay fully for the damages they cause. Because of this, every railroader should Maximize their Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Protection (UM/UIM) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on their Personal Auto Insurance. For a only small increase in monthly premium, these coverages can often be extended to as much as $300,000 per person

It's a little known fact that many UM/UIM or PIP policies may cover you in any motor vehicle accident even if you are not in the insured vehicle when the wreck occurs. Before purchasing additional UM/UIM/PIP, please confirm with your insurance agent that their insurance will cover you in a van wreck and train wreck at work for the railroad.

Having these supplemental coverages on your personal driving insurance may help an injured railroader recover in any of the following common situations:

Railroad Grade Crossing Collisions 1. Railroad Crossing Collisions
In some instances, trucking companies are merely required to have $750,000 in liability insurance. The train's property damage alone may exceed this amount as most locomotives are valued at well over $1 million. In a bad grade crossing collision, an injured railroader would be well served to have UM/UIM and PIP on their personal auto insurance.

Railroad Van Accidents 2. Railroad Van Accidents
Carryall accidents are all too common. Carryall vans are often poorly maintained and in shoddy condition. The drivers are often undercompensated and overworked. Also, railroaders are often transported late at night when drunk drivers may be a problem. When an uninsured or underinsured driver runs into a carryall your UM/UIM or PIP may cover you. If the carryall company causes a bad wreck and major injuries to its passengers. UMP or PIP may likewise cover an injured railroad worker.

Schoolbus Train Collision 3. Collisions with Government Vehicles
In Texas, government vehicles have a liability cap of $250,000 per person per incident. There are similar caps in most other states. If damages from a grade crossing collision or carryall collision with a government vehicle such as a schoolbus or garbage truck exceed this amount, UM/UIM or PIP may be needed.

How to Get Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection -
Most UM/UIM protection is relatively affordable especially when you consider the worst case alternative. UM/UIM can often be extended to as much as $300,000 per person for a only small increase in monthly premium. Ask your insurance agent for this important addition of $300,000 to your policy. Please note that some UM/UIM policies MAY have an exclusion for accidents in the course and scope of employment, under the assumption that state Workers' Compensation systems will provide relief. You may have to make a specific request to their insurance agents to have this exclusion removed from coverage. Usually it can be done for a minimal fee.

How to Get Personal Injury Protection -
Personal Injury Protection is also available through your personal driving insurance. In fact, your insurance agent may be required by law to offer PIP to you and collect your signature in the event that you decline it. In some cases, if they failed to do this you may still recover. Like UM/UIM, PIP is generally affordable compared to the alternative of not having it.

We're Here to Help: If you have any questions on the type of insurance that would help protect you and your family from injuries in a wreck while working for the railroad please give me a call toll free at 866 993 0001.

What to Do If Injured:
In the event, that you are in a wreck while at work, consult an FELA attorney experienced in handling on-duty collision cases. An expert FELA lawyer can help sort through the sometimes confusing claims and cross-claims that are typical in these cases. Please feel free to call me toll free 866 993 0001.

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